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We care for our customers and we're always searching for great partnerships in order to pass those good deals to you. That's what Fancy Fruit has best, its ability to choose the best produce from a vast network of producers and suppliers and choose only the ones that bring real value to your pocket and to your health. We hope you feel motivated by that and expect your visit in one of our six locations around Orlando. Thank you for your preference.



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Our mission is to provide everyone with nothing less than the freshest produce and top quality meat at unbeatable prices. Our products are essential for a balanced nutrition and a healthy diet. We provide extensive information about most of our produce and fruits on the products page so be sure to take a look.

Additionally we have a section dedicated to healthy recipes that you can use to live a healthier lifestyle that promotes you wellbeing and frees you from the daily stress.

We hope you enjoy our stores and its products as much as we enjoy supplying them to our customers.

Visit our "Facebook" page to see our specials and a great variety of products for the Hispanic, Brazilian, Haitian and Jamaican market.


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